MPA Talks Features Garseng Wong ’11

MPA Talks speaker Garseng Wong '11Meet MPA Talks speaker Garseng Wong ’11! Garseng attended MPA from grades 4-12 and went on to study Human Biology at Stanford University. He concentrated on nutrition and chronic disease management and initially thought about working as a primary care physician to continue this interest, but during his time in medical school at NYU, pivoted to psychiatry because the field afforded him more time to get to know patients deeply and personally. He is currently a resident psychiatrist at NYU and hopes to specialize in child-adolescent psychiatry, focusing his work with queer youth and young adults long-term. Get to know more about Garseng before MPA Talks on September 30 with the Q&A below!

What will we learn from your MPA Talk?
In my MPA talk, I would like to compare and contrast mental health as it is portrayed in the media and discussed in the lay public versus our conceptualizations as a profession. I hope to offer a space to discuss and de-stigmatize mental health, and introduce skills and ideas for maintaining mental health as students progress through school and develop as young, independent adults.

What do you believe will be the greatest challenge our current students will face in their lifetimes and how do you see MPA equipping them to face that challenge?
Our society has become extremely polarized to the point where communication between people of opposing ideologies often become shouting matches without any exchange of ideas. This is worsened by the growing sentiment against evidence and the blurring of “truth.” Our students will have to become effective communicators with those who do not share their point of view in order to advance in their lives and careers, especially for those who hope to tackle our nation’s (or world’s) great challenges. I see MPA equipping students for this future by introducing them to big, controversial ideas early and asking them to consider issues from multiple perspectives. Read More

MPA 2020 Virtual Grandparents & Special Friends Week

middle school student with grandparent 2019MPA 2020 Virtual Grandparents and Special Friends Week is October 12-14, 2020! One of the most beloved events of the school year is our annual Grandparents and Special Friends Day, and we are excited to offer a virtual week to celebrate the special relationships between our students and their grandparents and loved ones.

Due to COVID-19, campus is currently closed to outside visitors. However, we have activities planned that will make this week memorable and meaningful. Activities on Monday and Tuesday include letter writing projects to their loved ones, special videos and livestreams throughout the day, and more! Our traditional half-day on Wednesday, October 14 will now be a no classes day.体育比分网 This is a day for you to begin your MEA week break early and to help your students find time to spend with their loved ones!

In order for your student’s grandparents or special friends to participate virtually in these fun offerings, please . You must register those individuals you would like to be invited to participate virtually before October 1. For questions, please contact Ashley Goetzke, assistant director of development at

All Hands On Deck

middle school student raising his handby Dr. Bill Hudson, Head of School

体育比分网“all hands on deck,” barked my father when he wanted to get our attention in an emergency. perhaps it was his years in the navy, (although his service was on an airplane, not a ship!) but it was a frequently used phrase in our household growing up. we knew it was an imperative that necessitated that we immediately drop anything we were doing to help out in whatever way was required. as most of us do, we eventually become our parents, and i find myself using that same phrase, especially these days.

“All hands on deck” is one aspect of our COVID-19 reality. With our focus on the health and safety of our community and prioritizing students being on campus as much as possible, there is a fluidity of new and additional roles and responsibilities for faculty and staff. For example, because Lower School students are eating lunch in classrooms and their teachers need their own lunch break, I can add Lower School recess supervisor to my resume. Read More

Connect With MPA Parents On Wednesday Mornings

Middle school parent with her son体育比分网The Parents Association invites parents and guardians to get together Wednesday mornings after drop off. Mark your calendars, it will be fun!

Wednesday, September 16 will be a 30 minute walk with Michelle Mick. We’ll meet in the Lower School Parking lot and head out, rain or shine. Chat with new parents and connect with friends. Younger children are welcome to walk with us. Read More

Looking Forward To Homecoming 2021

cheering on the soccer team during homecoming体育比分网One of the annual traditions our community has enjoyed celebrating is the MPA Homecoming festivities, which had been scheduled for Saturday, October 3, 2020. Due to our ongoing focus on health and safety given the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as limits on social gatherings and visitors on campus, we have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s activities. We will miss the joy, laughter, and sense of community shared by all during Homecoming, but look forward for new ways in the coming weeks and months for current families and alumni to celebrate our Panther Pride. Look for our chance to celebrate together again during Homecoming 2021!

Parents Association Kick-Off & Connect Events

parent hugging their lower school sudentThe MPA Parent’s Association is hosting Kick-Off Zoom meetings next week. Come join us to learn about who we are and what we do. Meet members and your grade reps. We’re looking for your ideas and your help as we continue to brainstorm how best to strengthen our MPA community this year.

We have three sessions set up, one for each division to help focus discussions. The Friday session (Lower School focus) is purposefully scheduled longer to allow the second hour to be open for anyone to join for a general discussion. We look forward to seeing you at one or all of the sessions! Read More

Guidance For Wearing A Mask At School

Middle school student wearing her mask correctly体育比分网Scientific evidence from public health experts, the MN Department of Health, and the CDC indicates that risks to students and staff can be kept low if schools adhere to strict control measures, including wearing a face mask.

  • The mask should fit snugly to cover the nose bridge, mouth, and chin and should not gap on the sides.
  • The mask should stay across the nose without slipping down. If it slips regularly, the fit isn’t quite right.
  • Masks should be made of tightly-woven cloth such as higher thread count cotton and 2-3 layers thick.
  • Ensure the mask fits around the ears, but isn’t too tight. Straps shouldn’t twist—if they do, the fit isn’t quite right.
  • Masks should be washed daily, so multiple masks are recommended to have on hand at home, and your student should arrive to school with two masks each day: wearing one, and an extra on hand.

Read More

Traffic Safety Reminders

outside of the south entrance at MPA体育比分网It is MPA’s number one priority to provide the safest campus environment possible for you and your children. This takes on new meaning during the 2020-21 school year, but we’d like to share some important traffic safety reminders too. Please share this information with all of the drivers in your home, in addition to others who may provide transportation for you. Thank you very much in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

Distracted Driving
体育比分网 Parents and students are asked to refrain from using cell phones (hands free or otherwise) while driving on campus, especially when children are present. This helps us all to be aware of the children moving around us and keep the traffic flow steady and uncongested.

Please Slow Down
Keep your speed at or below 10 MPH, depending upon the time of day and the area of campus. This is particularly important near crosswalks. Read More

On Being Kind

Kindergarten student delivering flowers to a teacherby Dr. Bill Hudson, Head of School

体育比分网what is the first word that comes to mind that begins with the letter k? ask any mpa kindergarten student and they will quickly tell you, “kindness!” i had barely left my post at the front door monday morning when a kindergartner presented me a bouquet of black-eyed susans from our own school garden. several weeks ago, an mpa parent sent me a handwritten note in the mail thanking me for my leadership after noticing i looked like i was carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders during one of our town halls. new sixth grade student, ari r., gushed about how nice everyone is at mpa, especially the teachers, on his first day of school.

Watching the news these days or the postings on social media can be depressing. We are confronted with images and stories of violence, civil unrest, vitriol, and discord. One could believe that our world is bereft of kindness and goodwill in this time of crisis. In reality, we often fail to notice or celebrate the daily occurrences that advance the idea of humanity’s innate goodness. A visit to the site of George Floyd’s murder this summer brought tears to my eyes. The outpouring of kindness overwhelmed me as I observed donations of everyday supplies that filled sidewalks and bottled water and food was offered freely. Read More

Tips & Tricks For New Protocols

Arrival & Dismissal
We anticipated that this first week would be a little challenging and we are so grateful for everyone’s support and kind words! Internally, we are tweaking our processes and looking for opportunities to enhance the experience. We anticipate that it will get easier each day. Please know that every faculty, staff, and admin team member is available to assist students and make it as easy as possible for families! Let’s be safe, smart, and kind!

here are some helpful tips and tricks …

  • Please have the “green pass” email ready to show staff when you arrive. If you choose to park you will need to show your green pass to the staff as you walk your student to the door.
    If you have students in multiple divisions, you need to drop off and pick up each one at their designated door (Lower School: Doors 1 and 2, Middle School: Doors 4 and 5, Upper School: Door 7).
  • For arrival and dismissal, Lower School families should enter the drive thru off Larpenteur Avenue—this is the lane to the east that goes in front of Doors 1 and 2 (east driveway). Note there is no left-hand turn into this lane in the afternoon. Middle and Upper School families should enter the parking lot off Larpenteur—west driveway—and proceed toward the applicable door.
    Dismissal will begin at 3 PM for students who will be picked up by families.
  • Please have your child’s/children’s first and last name and grade on a sheet of paper highly visible to the sidewalk for dismissal. This will significantly speed up the process.
  • Staff will be signaling teachers in waves to ensure physical distancing of students.
    Students will be exiting the same door that they entered.
  • If families choose to park in the parking lots they will need to wait until all the drive up lanes are clear before their child will be dismissed. We encourage all families to enter the drop off line rather than park.

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