mounds park academy uses tads to process indexed tuition. based on the financial information you provide in the online application, tads provides the school with an estimated amount your family can contribute to educational expenses.

applying for indexed tuition is as easy as 1-2-3. please note: you only need to complete one online application, even if you have more than one child applying.

  1. Create Your Account
    • Starting on December 6, 2019, go to . Click on the "Financial Aid Assessment" link.
    • Prospective families: Ravenna and TADS are both part of Community Brands. For ease of use, families are encouraged to use the same user information for both the admission application (Ravenna) and the Indexed Tuition application (TADS).
    • Current families: You will use the email and password created during enrollment or your prior financial assistance application.
  2. Complete the Application and Submit Documentation
    The deadline for prospective families is February 15, 2020. The deadline for current families is January 10, 2020. After these dates, Indexed Tuition will be limited.
    Documents you will need to upload to TADS include:
    • 2018 or 2019 Federal Income Tax Return and schedules
    • 2018 or 2019 W-2 or 1099 forms for parent(s), stepparent(s), and/or guardian(s).
    • If a non-custodial parent is not in the child’s life, the Non-Custodial Waiver Request Form.
  3. Receive Your Indexed Tuition
    • Prospective Families: If you apply before February 15, 2020, and your child has been accepted to Mounds Park Academy, your family’s Indexed Tuition will be announced in early March 2020 when your enrollment contract is sent.
    • Current Families: Your family’s Indexed Tuition will be announced in early-February, which is concurrent with re-enrollment opening.

体育比分网after these timelines, indexed tuition will be announced on a rolling basis, based on funds available.

If you have any questions about using the online system, call TADS customer service at 1-800-477-8237, connect online through live "Chat with Support" Monday-Friday, 8 AM-6 PM, or email

If you have any questions for MPA, contact Gina Wallraff, CFO, at gwallraff@opera-to-relax.com体育比分网 or 651-748-5505. We are here to help!

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